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Name: Md.Neyamul Karim Raju. Mobile: 01842-495249

Details of volunteers

Name : Md. Nurul Mostofa

Unique Id : MIRA-0436
Serial No: 7636
Volunteer Name: Md. Nurul Mostofa
Father Name/Hus : Let. Delwar Hossen
Mother Name : Let. Resomer Nesa
Date of birth: 1955-01-31 00:00:00
Education: SSC
Blood Group: Nil
National Id: 1515341517001
Marital Status:
Driving Licence:
Religion: Muslim
Gender: male
Identification Mark:
Village: Bariyakhali
Ward: Bariyakhali
Post Office: Darogar Hat
Unit: 3
Designation : signal
Date of Joining :
Contact No: 1818865603
Training Recieved:
Equipment Recieved:
Personnel Gear Recieved:
Leader: Md. Nurul Mostofa

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